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Storage inside a secure and fully dehumidified warehouse

When moving house it can be surprising how much we actually have and we sometimes have to accept that it just will not all fit into the new house, flat or office. Thornbury Removals can offer a wide choice of storage solutions depending on whether you are looking to store belonging for a short period of time or maybe longer. Our big selling point is that all of our storage is inside and is fully dehumidified. You will not get cold, outside storage units with Thornbury Removals that can result in musty and damaged goods.


We understand that when you mention 'self-storage', most people will automatically think of the large out-of-town warehouse firms, but Thornbury Removals can offer so much more. We regularly carry out market research on our competitors and we think our storage prices cannot be beaten in Gloucestershire or North Bristol. In the unlikely event that you get offered a better price, we would be grateful if you would let us know and we will do our best to beat it. classic car.


Thornbury Removals provide safe and secure, fully alarmed storage options with the added benefit that it is also dehumidified to 40-70 degrees. Your stored goods can breathe so no need to worry about damp or musty smells.


If your items are to be permanently stored, or you only wish to have access to them occasionally, you may wish to opt for the containerised storage. This may also be useful if you need to store your furniture whilst between house moves. Storing a majority of your goods could enable you to rent a smaller and cheaper house.


For regular access to your stored items the storage rooms would be advised. These rooms are inside our dehumidified warehouse in Gloucestershire providing a secure, dry, clean environment with a range of sizes to choose from.


If you are not moving house but have simply had enough of the clutter that constantly adding to our possessions can cause and wish to regain some space, why not use Thornbury Removals storage as a temporary solution?

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Our packing service is available for you if you find the prospect of wrapping and packing just too much. Whilst we can't advise you on what to keep and what to put into storage, we can pack, label and store your items for you which goes some way to helping you. We are experienced in packing and storing those delicate items too.


A variety of local businesses benefit from Thornbury Removals storage solutions. If storing desks, filing cabinets, computer equipment or shop fittings that are taking up space then, as with a house move, a container may work well. If you are looking for more of a stockroom, we would recommend our walk-in storage rooms. Varying in size they are heated, dehumidified and indoor.


Where you have deeds and documents to securely store in a safe and alarmed environment, the archiving room would be ideal. This has shelving fitted to each side for ease of referencing. Thornbury Man and Van often move deeds and important paperwork from offices to storage in Gloucestershire.


Our storage is within a purpose built warehouse with security grills to doors and windows, which is fitted with smoke alarms and has an alarm system which immediately alerts a central response unit when activated.


We are a family-firm, experienced and reliable. Our prices are good too! Please contact us with any removals or storage related queries. We can take payment by most forms of credit and debit card. Contact Thornbury Removals on 01454 480021 or use the online form for expert advice